Our latest offering from AllerTrain by MenuTrinfo

The food allergen food safety expert can help you when the unexpected happens. We are in the business of allergen ID-ing, Training, and Auditing but that’s not all. Put our A-Team on your teams roster now.

We can and will be on site to asses what is working and what has not worked to help set you up for success in the future. Looking as we have coined “From Loading Dock to Table Top”. Reviewing and dissecting current practices, policies and SOP’s and making it spot on for the future.

Many of those facilities, kitchens, and professional food service folks we have consulted with have gone on to take advantage of becoming a Kitchens with Confidence “Certified Free From” facility. Setting them apart from all others and take the lead into the future for diners with special dietary needs.

Step 1: Realize that you need our help.

Step 2: Call MenuTrinfo within hours of the event for our sustained solution to be deployed

Step 3: Schedule an onsite visit with a Food Allergy Expert

Step 4: Corrective Actions

Step 5: Staff Training

Step 6: Sustain your Allergy Safe Environment

Step 7: Customer communication             

Step 8: Plans for moving forward with confidence

Call Betsy at MenuTrinfo, LLC for your trusted solution TODAY. We can deploy help in a matter of hours to assist and assess.


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