Blueprint for Food Safety Success Amid COVID-19

From loading dock to tabletop, and now to the curb:

This “Blueprint for Food Safety Success Amid COVID-19” covers Food Safety in the new COVID-19 environment.  It dives into what you need to know to re-open and/or stay open when it comes to food safety, customer safety, and employee safety, during the biggest crisis this country has faced.

Complete with charts and checklists, this eBook is a deep dive into what you can think of, what you may have forgotten and what are the best Food Safety practices thanks to leaders all over the country.

A portion of the proceeds will go to the “MenuTrinfo® Cares” projects. “Delivering Confidence™” COVID-19 Best Practices for Food Service quantity


This eBook is to help you, the owner, manager or worker navigate through what the new normal will look like in all areas of the building, the parking lot and online. It highlights all changes to some degree and thank goodness a lot will remain the same. This book is a guide to getting us back to feeding people, creating safe environments for people to socialize and enjoy their food, and functioning again as the second largest sector of the country behind the government.