/ Food Allergy Training

Someone who remembers 5% of food safety training or 90%?

Some online training courses can be a real chore if they don’t keep the learner engaged (or even awake). Boring online courses are also a waste of the learner’s time, because passive online courses only lead to a retention rate of 5-30% of the material covered. Taking the time to create engaging, interactive e-learning leads to a much more reassuring retention rate of 50-90%. If you knew you could train your team with a system that they would remember, why would you ever opt for a tired online training? 

The Food Handler course MenuTrinfo launched in 2018 is highly interactive and requires learners to engage with the course every 30-60 seconds. The course includes stories along the way, brilliantly narrated by a high-profile speaker in the world of food safety, whose voice entertains you along the way. As the course covers important food safety information from the 2017 Food Code, mini games give learners a chance to check their knowledge throughout the course.

One of our favorite examples of a mini game in the course is an activity that asks learners to drag and drop the three different types of food hazards into three separate trash cans. Another popular activity asks learners to identify which symptoms of illnesses should be texted to their boss or to their mom. These show you that there really are ways to be interactive and these can help with retention.

Protect your business by providing your staff with engaging, interactive e-learning that gives food handlers the know-how they need to keep customers safe.