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Veggie mushroom and lentil burgers

Vegan meat has become so popular, restaurants are having a hard time keeping it in stock. It’s important to diners today to have transparency when dining, so we are asking ourselves, what exactly is in this vegan meat? Let’s dive deeper into the most popular brands, why they are so popular, and what really is in vegan meat?

Most popular brands

Impossible burger (Impossible foods): this brand has made it their mission to deliver a delicious product that has the same flavor, aroma, and beefiness of meat but only made from vegetables. With sustainability in mind, the company has created a vegan meat that is so similar to ground beef itself you can barely tell the difference. They are at the forefront of the vegan meat world and we don’t think this fad is going away anytime soon!

Beyond Meat: similar to Impossible, Beyond Meat is focused on a sustainable practice. They have defined what the four major problems attributable to livestock are and are using plant-based meats to combat this. Their burgers and ground “meat” are so similar to the texture, flavor, and look of animal protein that you’d have to know you were ordering a plant-based burger to really tell the difference. They have paired with massive brands such as TGI Fridays, Bareburger, Del Taco and more to bring beyond meat products to the masses.

Why so popular?

We are in a day and age where modern diners are not only asking questions about their food, they are expecting companies to be clear about where the food came from and what the nutritional facts are and they are willing to pay more for the transparency. Along with this newfound awareness, comes more understanding of sustainable practices. Once diners start to peel back the layers that are the food industry, they become more mindful to healthy practices and lean more towards purchasing food that is prepared properly and in a humane manner. 

Gone are the days where diners turn a blind eye to meat injected with antibiotics or cruel practices but now more are interested in the practices behind preparing food. Vegan meat focuses on improving human health and animal welfare among many other strong sustainable values. This passion for treating our earth and livestock with care is refreshing and appealing to so many and the companies that are able to replicate the taste without killing an animal to do so are gaining in popularity faster than we could have expected!

What is in this mystery meat?

Experts from Impossible foods that soy and flavorings can help produce a similar flavor to beef. Through complex recipes, companies are able to imitate the flavor you would get from animal protein.

Beyond meat uses a recipe that has no soy and no gluten. Coconut oil, peas, and flavorings are some of the main ingredients found in their vegan meat allowing them a different approach to imitating the flavor.

Other companies rely on lentils, mushrooms, and other fatty vegetables to imitate flavor. Whatever vegetable you like, you can likely find a meat-like protein created with it as an ingredient.

Whether you’re a diner interested in exploring the flavors of vegan meats or a restauranteur thinking it’s time to get in the game, the best way to understand the flavor is to try it for yourself! We think the plant protein fad isn’t going away anytime soon and the popularity these vegan meats are gaining is a sure sign they are here to stay!