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Invest from the beginning so you don’t pay for it later!

Everyone has had an experience at a restaurant where the food they ordered didn’t come out correctly. Either something was missing, added on accident or the wrong meal was delivered altogether- it happens all the time. Whether it was wrong by preference, diet or an allergy, the meal had to be replaced while the diner watched the rest of their party eat, or they didn’t mention anything at the time and waited until they were home to jump on the internet and tell the world about their experience. Either way, the experience wasn’t great.

In an ideal world, every complaint is handled before the customer walks out the door and they leave happy. In our current world, the internet is a platform for bloggers and diners alike to talk about and critique services/ experiences and restaurants are among the top places people like to comment on. With proper training for your staff before they serve customers, you help prevent wrong dishes being served and bad customer experiences. Train your staff on these four key things from the beginning and build a dream team of your very own. 

Pay Attention

A server in the weeds is a server who cuts corners to get everything taken care of. Make sure whoever is the face of your restaurant to the diner knows to pay attention to the order, write it down and always note if there are special requests from table to kitchen back to table. From cashier to fine dining server, details matter to diners.

Repeat Back

This is one of the best tools out there. Not only should the order be written down (or typed in) but repeated back to the customer ensures for a higher chance of getting it right and the food delivered being just as ordered. If there is a special request, the customer will be relieved to hear their server is paying attention.

Food Safety

Train your staff on key terms like cross contamination, sanitizing, proper cooking temperatures, etc. The more they understand the fundamentals of food safety, the better equipped they are to keep diners safe!

Educate on Food Allergies

Teach the differences between allergies, intolerances, celiac disease and religious preference. All are important to understand and respect. When diners eat at your establishment, they trust you care about their preferences just as much as their allergies. If your staff can communicate about allergies, they are well on their way to taking excellent care of your customers!

Nowadays people can eat whenever and wherever they want. Gas stations offer gourmet sandwiches and compete with the best fried chicken restaurants around, third party delivery is everywhere, in-home meal kits are delivered to your neighbors 3-4 times a week, and groceries are dropped off at your front door from the click of a button. Any way you could imagine eating is available and made into a fun, accessible service. With great food easily accessible, people dine out now for the experience and the service. It’s vital to have a team you can count on.

It’s safe to say, the more your train, the better off your restaurant is. Avoid those pesky one-star reviews with a dream team armed with knowledge and precision. Training from the beginning is vital and continuous training keeps everyone accountable and feeling confident in serving. If a mistake is made, management steps in and makes up for it in most cases with complimentary food or gift cards. Invest in your team now so it doesn’t cost you later.