/ Food Allergy Training

In the United States, there are eight foods that make up the top allergens and result in 90% of all reactions in America. The top eight allergens are milk, egg, fish, shellfish, peanuts, tree nuts, wheat and soy. While America has identified these as the  major allergens at home, there are other major allergens in the world that are considered to be the top allergens in their countries. Some other top allergens include sesame, rice, mustard and sulphites.


  1. Sesame- This allergen is prominent in Australia, Canada, Israel and Europe. The most common forms of sesame are sesame oil and sesame seeds.
  2. Rice- This allergen is prominent in East Asian countries, specifically Japan. Those allergic to rice most commonly discover this allergy through consumption or inhalation of rice pollon.
  3. Mustard- This allergen is prominent in Europe (Specifically Spain and France) and Canada. The most common form of mustard is in a jar but it is also commonly used as a mustard powder or mustard seed.
  4. Sulphites- This allergen is one of the priority allergens in Canada. Sulphites are most commonly used as a food additive.


Whether you have many international guests or are simply interested in knowing more about common food allergies around the world, it is good to be aware of these allergens. Every country has their top allergies. America has a top 8 while Europe has declared 14 major allergies. Sesame, Rice, Mustard and Sulphites are some of the most common but the list is much longer. Read more through the sources below!