/ Food Allergy Training

There’s a new buzzword at AllerTrain headquarters: “FARE love.” This is how we refer to stipends we are able to pass along to colleges through our most recent partnership with the non-profit food allergy advocacy group, Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE). During each month of this partnership, we are able to pay forward funds each month from FARE to colleges to help promote AllerTrain and FARE’s shared mission to protect the lives of people living with food allergies. We have been honored and privileged to engage in various partnerships with FARE since 2014 and have worked with them to train 100+ colleges.

Here’s how the current partnership works: As our Certified Master Trainers submit class materials for training they have delivered to colleges, we spread FARE love to as many institutions as we can on a first-come, first-serve basis, with priority given to colleges that have not received FARE funds in the past. In January, we were able to offset expenses for 11 out of the 41 colleges that received AllerTraining that month. Of the 98,000 students at those 11 colleges, an estimated 18,000 students are living with allergies. FARE stipends allow us to work with colleges to expand their allergy training programs above and beyond what they would normally able to do.

We are especially excited when we can provide FARE love in the form of a FARE-funded one-year subscription to AllerTrain RA, an online course focused on resident advisors in housing on campus that we license to colleges for an unlimited number of uses. AllerTrain RA has a special place in our hearts because we developed it in partnership with FARE. We are also able to provide FARE-funded subscriptions to AllerSTAR, a monthly educational poster program that colleges can use in an unlimited number of food service areas to review important allergy and gluten-free concepts. Providing colleges free access to the far-reaching impact AllerTrain RA and AllerStar can have on students with allergies living and dining on campuses across the U.S. is especially exciting to us.

We look forward to tracking the growing number of campuses and students with allergies we are able to support through FARE’s generosity. Many thanks to FARE for allowing us to spread FARE love to colleges committed to protecting as many students as possible that live with and manage food allergies.