We found … AllerTrain online allergen training system to be approachable and comprehensive. Our (400) full time staff gets trained with AllerTrain every two years and they love this training

Michele Lefebvre, Cornell University


Why Train with Us?

AllerTrain by MenuTrinfo was born when CEO, Betsy Craig, saw a growing need for food allergy and gluten-free training and awareness within our food service industry. It has developed into a wide variety of training options to suit every member of the industry.

The majority of the AllerTrain courses are ANSI accredited and meet state specific training mandates. From corporations to independent restaurants, AllerTrain has trained over 100K across the country. With both an eLearning platform and live training taught by AllerTrainers, AllerTrain is an accessible option for every learner. We are the only company that offers an in-person allergy training option which is the chosen method to teach and have students retain the information.

Our latest training is a Food Handlers certificate program which dives into the proper methods for safely handling food for those in the industry referred to as “food handlers”.

American Culinary Federation Education Foundation
Commission on Dietetic Registration - Accredited Provider of Continuing Professional Education
School Nutrition Association

Take Our Most Popular Classes

AllerTrain Lite

Training For All

  • Meets mandate in CA, IL, MD, & NY
  • All employee-level course
  • Allergy & Gluten-Free training
  • Live training & eLearning
  • E-Learning compatible with desktop, laptop, and tablets
  • ANSI-accredited

Food Handler

2017 Food Code Compliant

  • Best in Class
  • Nationally recognized Food Handler course
  • Meets requirements across the nation
  • E-Learning compatible with desktop, laptop, and tablets
  • ANSI-accredited


Our Classic Course

  • Meets mandate in CA, IL, MD, MI & NY
  • Manager-level course
  • In depth Allergy & Gluten-Free training
  • Live training and eLearning available
  • E-Learning compatible with desktop, laptop, & tablets
  • ANSI-accredited


AllerTrain is proud to have hundreds of AllerTrainers across America and Canada. Our AllerTrainers are industry professionals who have the heart and drive to teach others how to safely serve those with special dietary needs. AllerTrainers are trained to teach the AllerTrain suite of courses to food service professionals in all facets of the industry.

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